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New album Mystery & Mayhem is coming

The last couple of years have proven to be a challenge for many people, and this proved also true for Forest Field. But step by step the recordings for new album Mystery and Mayhem were completed and finally finished, resulting in the most modern sounding Forest Field album to date. It seems this sixth full length album is the first that does not have a (lyrical) theme running through it. Instead it is focusing on delivering the most diverse andContinue readingNew album Mystery & Mayhem is coming

New video for Rain in May!

Here a beautiful new video for Forest Field track Rain In May. A subject we all have to deal with, one time or another, a song about loss, losing a dear one. You miss them, and sometimes would give anything just to hold them once again. Taken from the Seasons album.

Alienation video

Since another album will be a while, we decided that a video for one of the tracks on Lonely Desert would be a good idea. After all, 5 months number 1 on the Rock Top 30 at OMWR, very favorable reviews all around, and still a lot of people are not aware of the album. It deserves more attention, so everyone is invited to help share it!

Welcome to THE ZOO

Relationships are serious business. As is human behaviour. But we can’t help making a bit of fun about it. These are serious times, but laughing is healthy for you. So enjoy THE ZOO:

Feature in Fireworks

Besides this interview, we had the song Stronger (from Onwards And Upwards) on the enclosed CD. You can hear it here also:

Official video presentation for Angels? !

Tadaaaa, here it is, the official presentation video for the new album. Of course we are very excited to hear your thoughts on this album, but for now enjoy these samples:  

New release Angels coming in September

Our new album Angels? will become available on September 2015!Very proud of the album as you will imagine. No guests this time, just Phil singing his heart out and me, Peter, playing till the fingers hurt  A preorder is already open at Rock Company, who also have a nice promotion running since this is their 10th release! So go check it out. And if you live not all to far from The Netherlands, you might even receive it before itsContinue readingNew release Angels coming in September

Video for popular track HOPE

Forest Field proudly present the video for one of their most popular instrumental tracks HOPE. This track is crossing several musical genres!  

New Video’s!

While we still expect more news and reviews on the current album Onwards And Upwards, no less than 2 new video’s have been released. One is a track from Pioneers Of The Future called Freaky Friday. The video was made during the preparation for the album’s release but so far never made available. Second is a teaser for the new album that is currently in the works. In this sample you hear a rough mix from a new track withContinue readingNew Video’s!

New video: A Miracle

We have released another video for one of the tracks on our Onwards And Upwards opus. This is for the catchy A Miracle