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forest field - circles

Seasons – Song By Song: 7/12

Apologies for being silent for so long. Yet I guess many of us are aware of the many challenges this year is bringing us…¬†Anyway, on with the track stories! Circles is one of the instrumentals and of course the name refers to the seasons that keep going round and round. Originally the demo was all guitar and little to no keyboards. But while working on the album version, I felt it would make more sense to change the second partContinue readingSeasons – Song By Song: 7/12


Seasons – Song by Song: 6/12

Time is long overdue to continue with the Song by Song series! And today it is time for Eyewitness, track 6 of the Seasons album. Don’t know about you, but I like a bit of storytelling. And this track is an example. Not really a whodunnit, as that should be clear I think, but anyway. Musically we go through several time changes here. From 4 x 4, tot 5 x 4 and even a bit of 7 x 4. ButContinue readingSeasons – Song by Song: 6/12


Seasons – Song By Song: 5/12

Next in the Song By Song series is Rain In May, the fifth track on the Seasons album. It is about loss, losing a dear one. You miss them, and sometimes would give anything just to hold them once again. A subject we all have to deal with, one time or another… A large part of this song is built on a fairly simple acoustic guitar part, supported by cello. For me, the cello is a great instrument to addContinue readingSeasons – Song By Song: 5/12

forest field - into the lions den

Seasons – Song by Song: 4/12

Ah yes, Into The Lion’s Den. Track 4 on the Seasons album might be a surprise to many followers of the band…. I was tempted to say this song marks the first time a 7-string guitar features on a Forest Field track. but then I remembered Time from Pioneers Of The Future. Yet there it has a more supportive role and here it surely takes the lead with heavy riffing on the B string. But it is the first FFContinue readingSeasons – Song by Song: 4/12

Forest Field - Spring Is Coming

Seasons – Song by Song: 3/12

The third track on Seasons, Spring Is Coming, is the first of the 3 instrumental tracks that are on the album. I had written and recorded a first version of this track. But after giving it some thought I felt it was too dark to fit the title. I wanted something a bit more uplifting and energetic. After all, Spring is the time where nature starts to rebuild itself. So hence this second attempt. It starts with a sequencer (whichContinue readingSeasons – Song by Song: 3/12

Forest Field - Change The World

Seasons – Song by Song: 2/12

The second song on the Seasons album will be Change The World. Of course, the song of which the single edit preceded the album! And it made quite the impact, entering the Limburg Rocks Top 10 on the #1 position, followed by a #2 in the current month. The basic idea for this song is again quite old. And if you look at the lyric, that is actually a bit of a sad thing, since we can wonder if inContinue readingSeasons – Song by Song: 2/12

Forest Field - Delta Hours

Seasons – Song By Song: 1/12

In the coming weeks I (Peter) will try to write some additional info on all the tracks on the new album: Seasons – Song By Song: 1 Delta Hours In essence this is quite an old idea. It is about some endeavours with a band and the manager (Goldie) they had, while recording in a far away studio in Germany. And yes, I have first hand experience… Some fun, a couple of time signature changes, and a lengthy solo inContinue readingSeasons – Song By Song: 1/12