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review on DPRP.net

Just found this one on the net: Forest Field – Pioneers of the Future This is an interesting one. Firstly it’s not a band, it’s a project by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox who plays pretty much everything that’s on the disc. describing this as Ambient progressive rock, The album is conceptual in that it places seven instrumental tracks (one to represent each day of the week) with six vocals tracks that are all thematically linked to the concept of “Time”Continue readingreview on DPRP.net

Wonderful in depth review

Check out this wonderful in depth review for the album by Jim “the ancient one” Lawson: This album for review, Pioneers Of The Future, is the first full length album from the Dutch studio project, Forest Field. The project is led by Chinawhite stalwart, Peter Cox, who is responsible for guitars, keyboards, bass, programming and vocals. The rest of the “band” utilizes the voices of Phil Vincent, Joris Peeters, Aukje Peeters and Sue Straw as well as Sander Stappers (also fromContinue readingWonderful in depth review

awesome review from Sea Of Tranquility

As it turns out, the Sea Of Tranquility website has published a very nice review of the Pioneers album on their website. Writer Mark Johnson writes: Forest Field: Pioneers of the Future Forest Field is a Dutch music project lead by Peter Cox, of the band Chinawhite, who sings, plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and does the programming for the project. The other members include: Aukje Peeters, Joris Peeters, Sue Straw, and Phil Vincent, on vocals and Sander Stappers, on bass.Continue readingawesome review from Sea Of Tranquility

Review in metal magazine Aardschok

Dutch metal magazine Aardschok published a little review on the album in their december 2013 edition.  Writer Liselotte Hegt says:  Forest Field is the new project from Chinawhite guitar player Peter Cox. On Pioneers Of The Future he presents himself as composer, keyboard player, guitarist, drummer and singer, but he also invited several guests. American singer Phil Vincent, present on 3 tracks, is a strong asset, but I am not really enthusiastic about the vocal performances of Aukje Peeters andContinue readingReview in metal magazine Aardschok

New Video

We proudly present the new video for the track TIME from our 2013 release Pioneers Of The Future. With Phil Vincent on vocals and Sander Stappers on bass, and of course Peter handling all the rest.  Please enjoy and tell us what you think of it:  

Review Progwereld, 2013

The Dutch website Progwereld had this to say  A lot of talent is present in The Netherlands. Even in our little corner of the music world we are regularly pampered with talented bands and artists who have found just that new angle and claim their own niche. So it is logical we are always  interested in Dutch initiatives that find their way to our mailbox. But of course not every band from our soil is the new Dream Theater, Marillion or StevenContinue readingReview Progwereld, 2013

review IO Pages, september 2013

In the Dutch magazine IO Pages, editor Freek Wolff had this to say: Peter Cox, guitarplayer in rockband Chinawhite lives in the forest field and thus found the name for this project in where he is at the base of songwriting. He also takes care of all keyboards, takes a seat behind the drum kit and of course plays guitar. For the bass parts he hired Sander Stappers, while the mediocre vocals are from Phil Vincent, Aukje Peeters (weak inContinue readingreview IO Pages, september 2013

new review!

The Italian blog Crampi2 published a review of the Pioneers Of The Future Album. Some excerpts using Google translate: “Forest Field is the new project of multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox, with the attempt to combine instrumental textures derived from ambient / new age with progressive territories.” “Definition intriguing and fascinating, while not offering the idea of ​​a highly original formula, except that … except that, listening to “Pioneers of the Future” appears to offer something else … Or rather, if youContinue readingnew review!

short review by Spotlight On and CD update

The Spotlight On weblog gave our Pioneers Of The Future album an 8 out of 10. Woohoo! Read it here. And some good news as well, problems with the CD are solved and it will become available soon on the Rock Company website. You can already order it through CD Baby! And it is on iTunes and various other digital retailers.

First review!

Totally out of the blue we received a message about a review for the Pioneers Of The Future album. So cool! With the aid of Google translate writer José Luis says:   “Actually Forest Field is the solo project of Peter Cox, one Dutch multi-instrumentalist, who has surrounded himself with some good vocals for performers to shape his debut work, a job mix equal parts music and progressive rock to shape a relaxed and friendly working, not without decisive instrumentalContinue readingFirst review!