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Video for popular track HOPE

Forest Field proudly present the video for one of their most popular instrumental tracks HOPE. This track is crossing several musical genres!  

Review Rock Society

UK magazine has done a very nice review of our latest effort. Thanks! It reads: This is Forest Field’s second album, their name taken from the region in (I think) the Netherlands where Peter Cox, the band leader lives. It consists of eleven tracks, ranging from 3 to 7 minutes, where all the odd numbered tracks are instrumental and the even number with vocals. The album is book ended by Onwards at the beginning and And Upwards at the end.Continue readingReview Rock Society

review iO Pages

Dutch magazine Io Pages published a nice review of our Onwards and Upwards album. Some excerpts: “Forest Field brings a tranquil form of prog with a lot of room for acoustic guitar and piano” “What I like is the guitar playing by Cox. Regularly scharp solos can be heard, for instance in Car Park Pleasures and Stronger” “Hope is a beautiful song with Mellotron strings and Sue Straw on flutes”.   If you can read Dutch, you can read theContinue readingreview iO Pages

Review Sea Of Tranquility

Writer Steven Reid from USA based website Sea Of Tranquility has written a great review of our latest release! Some quotes: …the prospect of hearing singer Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik, D’Ercole, etc) bring his voice to another genre was an interesting one. Known for belting out huge verses and sing along choruses, Vincent does a great job of reining that side of his voice in and laying down some poignant and heartfelt, if still powerful, vocals… …It’s a fine blendContinue readingReview Sea Of Tranquility

Excellent write up for Onwards And Upwards

Steve from One World Music UK has written an extensive review of our new album. And it is awesome! So nice when people get what you are aiming for. Here are some excerpts:   “I had been looking forward to listening to this album ever since I saw the amazing art work for the album cover just a few days ago”. “The opening track is simply called Onwards and is a purposeful solo piano piece that paints a picture ofContinue readingExcellent write up for Onwards And Upwards

EPK for Onwards And Upwards available

Hello people, here it is, the video EPK for Onwards And Upwards, our new album. Enjoy!  

Freewheelin´Explores Onwards and Upwards

Searchmachines are often very useful. For instance when looking for people that mention your new album. That is how I found this: Exploring the Ambient,New Age, Prog of Netherlands’ Forest Field- Onwards and Upwards! by EKK • September 12, 2014 • On Tuesday of this week the soundtrack for my run was Forest Field’s second release Onwards and Upwards. According to their website…… Forest Field is not a band Forest Field is a project Forest Field is lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox Expect someContinue readingFreewheelin´Explores Onwards and Upwards

New release September 7!

Coming September 7 will see the release of the new Forest Field album Onwards And Upwards. All songs and instruments by Peter Cox, all vocals by Phil Vincent and Sue Straw is guesting as well, this time playing Native American flutes on the track Hope. The album was mixed by Billy Sherwood (ex Yes, Conspiracy, Circa:) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. The first teaser is online now and features the song A Miracle. If you pre-order now at iTunes, youContinue readingNew release September 7!