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Alienation video

Since another album will be a while, we decided that a video for one of the tracks on Lonely Desert would be a good idea. After all, 5 months number 1 on the Rock Top 30 at OMWR, very favorable reviews all around, and still a lot of people are not aware of the album. It deserves more attention, so everyone is invited to help share it!

It had to happen…

  Indeed, it had to happen. After an amazing 5 months of leading the Rock Chart, we have dropped down the the number 4 spot. Still not bad of course šŸ™‚ Congrats to the guys of The Soul Exchange, who have delivered an amazing album!

5 months on top…

Well, how to react to the fact that your album is on top of the Top 30 Rock Chart for a record breaking 5th month in a row? I am speechless and so thankful for all the support Lonely Desert is receiving. It is awesome beyond words and humbling. The best words I have are THANK YOU! For now we are resting on our laurels a bit, but rest assured, there will be another Forest Field album. We just needContinue reading5 months on top…

2016 Rock Album Award Nomination!

We haveĀ the honor of receiving the 2016Ā Rock album nomination from the ever so friendly people at One World Music Radio. Their team of judges have decided to put our album Lonely Desert among the 10 nominees! If you look at the list, it feels kinda unreal we are featured there. Even when our previous album Angels? won at the awards for 2015. Needless to say we wish all the nominees success! As far as we are concerned, we are allContinue reading2016 Rock Album Award Nomination!

another great review!

Dmitry from Let It Rock on DMME has written another great review for our latest album! You can find it on their websiteĀ or read it below. Thank you Dmitry! FOREST FIELD ā€“ Lonely Desert Rock Company 2016 FOREST FIELD ā€“ Lonely Desert Spicy, if not spaced out, interpretation of the Muadā€™Dib story. Epic choruses abound. Over the years, thereā€™s been a few attempts to harness the essence of Frank Herbertā€™s ā€œDuneā€ but only Klaus Schulze had taken it to anContinue readinganother great review!

Stunning Review!

The famous Progarchy site have published an absolute mindblowing review of the latest Forest Field album Lonely Desert. Reviewer Jay Watson commented on all the tracks and the artwork and gave many songs a 9 or a 10. Here are some edits of his words: I wish I had heard of this musical endeavor earlier on as they are quite good and I really like this album. It is a bit of a concept album based loosely on Frank Herbertā€˜sContinue readingStunning Review!

Another stunning Lonely Desert Review

Steve Sheppard from One World Music is someone whoe obviously cares deeply about his reviews and puts in a lot of effort to understand the music and give it the words it deserves. And once again he hit the nails on the head with his writing about our Lonely Desert album. From our perspective it is so great when people really take the time to dig in and get the understand what we do! Some excerpts: Forest Field are backContinue readingAnother stunning Lonely Desert Review

great Rock Melodico review translated

Our friends from Rock Melodico have written a great review for Lonely Desert. But since Spanish is not my best language, here a translation to English: Forest Field and a job of excellence in “Lonely Desert” Alex Socco, November 10, 2016 Forest Field are back with their fourth studio work released by the Rock Company label. And saying Forest Field is talking about Dutchman Peter Cox, the brain and mentor of this project which is completed by the voice ofContinue readinggreat Rock Melodico review translated

Outstanding The Rocker review of Lonely Desert

Strutter talk Lonely Desert

On theĀ Strutter Reviews pageĀ you can now find a review for the latest Forest Field release. In Gabor’s words: Forest Field ‘Lonely desert’ (Rock Company) Already the 4th album of Forest Field, which is a project by Dutch multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox. He does everything by himself except the vocals, which are provided by Phil Vincent, who recorded them in the USA. The result is more or less close to Phil Vincent’s releases, so if you’re familiar with his music, then youContinue readingStrutter talk Lonely Desert