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Dangerdog review

here another review! Craig from Dangerdog seems to have been looking a lot at the cover, but did not read the liner notes; don’t take it all too seriously 🙂 http://www.dangerdog.com/2015-music-reviews/forest-field-angels.php#.VeYOmJe6SOw. Still 3/5 is not bad. Some Quotes: * Yet in the songs with vocals, Cox gets adequate freedom of expression for his guitar and syths. And Cox is pretty fine guitar player with a smooth and fluid style in the classic rock guitar tradition. * Wrapped up, the songs blur linesContinue readingDangerdog review

Review Progwereld

So far most of Dutch press hasn’t exactly been kind to the music of Forest Field. Well tastes differ I guess. Or a case of what comes from far…? Anyway, Progwereld reviewer Dick Van der Heide is a lot more positive about the Angels? release.   Some quotes: * Angels? is a fine album that benefits greatly from the bigger portion of rock in it * The six vocal tracks are all great AOR songs with strong and catchy melodies,Continue readingReview Progwereld

Stunning Review on One World Music Radio

Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio has once again written an extensive review, and this time it is about the new album Angels? Some quotes (see the front page also): * So let’s start on another journey with Peter Cox and crew and the first piece is the opener called Broken Wings. This one is a classic Cox creation; you will find a tempo change at just over half way in and some stunning guitar work soon after, this isContinue readingStunning Review on One World Music Radio

Official video presentation for Angels? !

Tadaaaa, here it is, the official presentation video for the new album. Of course we are very excited to hear your thoughts on this album, but for now enjoy these samples: