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forest field - jorgeNot so long ago I posted the word Jorge wrote on our Lonely Desert album. Now he has gone back in time a little and picked up the Angels? album. Here is what he wrote about it (translated by Google from Portuguese):

Forest Field – Angels – Peter Cox’s request not to take this album too seriously, should be regarded as a moment of good humor, as well as the cover of the album. The opening track, Broken Wings, totally instrumental, even with a modern footprint reminds us of good progressive rock. Angels, the second track, is that infectious hard rock with AOR pitches, great guitar solos, accurate drumming, which takes us to the good times of Journey, Peter Frampton, Kansas, Asia, Europe and other sacred 80s monsters. Left At Cloud Nine is yet another beautiful short instrumental that will take us to It Looks Like Rain, a softer song with a captivating keyboard in the background, and again the well-placed and seductive guitars become an invitation to an ecstatic journey. Needless to describe each song here, since all 11 songs are fascinating charm, showing that Peter was in ambitious moments of inspiration. An infectious album from beginning to end indicated not only those who like a softer rock, but to all who seek good music. It is important to emphasize the love of Peter for the style, since besides musician, he owns the record company Rock Company, that even comes launching some Brazilian bands in Europe, like Fred Mika, Still Living and Marenna. Thank you for the good songs and for the support of the Brazilian musicians, Peter.

Thank you again so much Jorge! Stuff like this totally makes my day!

Angels? wins 2015 OWMR Award for Best Rock Album!

2015 OWMR award Forest Field


We are still absolutely floored by the news that our album Angels has won the 2015 One World Music Radio award for Best Rock Album! On the show page you can see all the nominees in all the categories and have a listen at the award show podcast. The title track of the album is featured in the show:


If you wanna have a listen visit the album page and if you would like to own it, it is available online on all major players, on Spotify, or go directly to our label Rock Company (which helps us the most!)

New Review!


On Forest Field:


AOR with a little Prog influence? Functions pretty well in case of Forest Field’s third album

In all honesty, the band name is a bit of a mistake, because behind it we find a duo: from the US Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik) on Vocals and Dutchman Peter Cox (Chinawhite, Earthshine) handles all instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums). But with the quality on offer, we will not make a problem out of this

a powerful release

To find out more of the story behind the 8.5 out of 10 points, go to

Nominated for OMWR 2015 Awards!


Hi all,
wanted to let you know our album Angels? is nominated for best rock album of 2015 on the One World Music Radio awards 2015.Needless to say we are very proud of that. Check the Nominees and catogories here:

There is also a possibility to vote for Peter in the Peoples Choice award. Another big honor!
And last but not least; reception in the press has been the best so far. Makes us more determined to try to make an even better record. Which we have already started smile-emoticon
Take care, and thanks for you support.
Oh, and the website has been updated with some cool new features, you might want to check that out.

Amazing review on Strutter!

Famed site Strutter has published an amazing review of our latest album on their site. It reads:

Forest Field ‘Angels?’ (Rock Company)

Forest Field is a Dutch project lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox. The album Angels? features Peter not only playing guitar, but also bass, keyboards, mellotron, piano, drums and organ, while for the singing part we can hear good old American singer Phil Vincent, who is also a multi-instrumentalist and a regular feature in the melodic rockscene. Phil and I go back in time to the mid 1990s when he released his first couple of albums in a period when this kind of music was completely dead. Now in 2015 melodic rock is all around and Forest Field is a great project that can easily be mentioned alongside Phil Vincent’s music, although there’s much more to explore here, because Peter also loves to go wild on the keys and then a sorta new age meets 70s symphonic rock instrumental sound is hearable. Anyway, if we have a look at the tracklisting, it starts with the instrumental Broken wings, followed by Angels (typical Phil Vincent style, good catchy 80s uptempo melodic heavy rocker like Pink Cream 69 meets Praying Mantis), Left at cloud 9 (beautiful instrumental calm piece), It looks like rain (nice semi instrumental, bluesy rock, beginning melodic rock), Angel with a dirty face (midtempo AORish, Journey meets House Of Lords, good vocals by Phil and perhaps the best song), Message for a messenger (great instrumental, a little mystic), The zoo (good Phil Vincent ish melodic rock), Lovers lane (great instrumental, guitar solo a la Neal Schon, beautiful melodies and definitely the best instrumental), Change me (very nice midtempo melodic rock, slightly proggy), In excelsis (fine instrumental, great guitarsolo towards the end, a lengthy tune) and closing track Spot on the sun (a heavier tune, most proggy tune on the album). Concluded, a good portion of melodic rock here when Phil sings, with some paths leading to light prog and new age when it all goes into the instrumental breaks. Check it out for yourself at: and

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

Classic Rock Society like Angels?!

classic rock society forest field

Great review DPRP

dprp review Forest Field - Angels?The Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (who by the way are an international webzine) have done a great review of our latest album Angels?

Some Quotes:

*If there was to be a prize for the most misleading cover of a prog rock CD, I would certainly nominate the Dutch band Forest Field. Their third CD, Angels?, comes in a carton card box with a cartoon on the cover showing a naked girl wrapped in yellow tape that carries the text “Caution, Keep Out”. For me, this signals ‘keep away!’ as this CD will contain some uninteresting drum ‘n bass, house, dance or techno musical adventure, all of which I’m totally uninterested in. But Forest Field is none of these at all, and that’s the first good thing about this album!

* Phil Vincent, an American vocalist with whom Cox has also worked on former Forest Field albums, takes care of all vocals, recording remotely from Cox in an American studio. His voice reminds me of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, and that’s not a bad thing!

* With four more instrumentals, varying from the short but nice Left at Cloud 9 through to the beautiful Message for a Messenger (there so much in that song that brings the Eagles’ Journey of the Sorcerer to mind, which is nice) toLovers Lane, a guitar-driven instrumental that proceeds at a rather slow but enjoyable pace, reminiscent of Snowy White’s Bird of Paradise!

* The album also offers more up-tempo songs, such as the title track, which shows a very different side of the band as it is a AOR song in the vein of Journey or Foreigner. Angel With a Dirty Face is another example of that style, with nice percussion played just after the time signature, which has an overall feeling of Foreigner’s Feels Like the First Time.

* Inbetween is the ballad Looks Like Rain, which has very nice, slightly-distorted guitars following the harmony vocals and odd-time signatures, leading to an attractive bluesy guitar solo that makes this a great track!

* Peter Cox indicates on the inner sleeve of the package that not all of this project should be taken too seriously. Well, that may account for the sleeve (good practical joke!) but he has taken himself quite seriously in the music, which pays off due to its quality. Tracks such as Message for a Messenger and It Looks Like Rain are little gems. Not all of the album may be as progressive as many readers of this site would like, but it’s progressive enough to check out.

All resulting in a 7.5 out of 10 score. Thanks to Theo Verstrael!

Read the full article here.

Review Background Magazine

bm forest field angels reviewAnd again a more favorable review from my home country. Seems the reviewers are finally warming up a bit to the Forest Field sound 😉


Here some quotes:

* I have to credit Peter for focussing on the rock element, the compositions have an extra crunch, mainly because of the overly present guitar solos and melodies that Angels? holds.

* Listen to his guitar solos on the instrumental In Excelsis and you hear he really has the skills and knowhow to pull off some fine guitar work.

It Looks Like Rain is a fine song with fine solos and The Zoo is another one I do like very much.

Read it in full here

Thanks you Pedro!

Welcome to THE ZOO

Relationships are serious business. As is human behaviour. But we can’t help making a bit of fun about it. These are serious times, but laughing is healthy for you. So enjoy THE ZOO:

Rock Melodico review

rock melodico review Forest FieldSpanish site Rock Melodico did a review on our new album.

Google translates the  review as:
Forest Field is the project of Dutch musician Peter Cox (formerly Chinawhite) , with vocalist Phil Vincent ( Legion, Tragik , D’ Ercole) . ‘Angels ‘ is the fourth studio work and presents a different sound to earlier releases: if before things went more for Ambient and instrumental prog, here Cox and Co. decided the majority of songs are in a style that will marked by a more commercial progressive sound, with the dynamic voice of Vincent in front. However, there are a couple of instrumentals that give the work the nuance necessary to become a release that will delight fans of progressive rock.
Thanks again Rock Melodico! Read the original here.