Seasons – Song by Song: 9/12

forest field - autumn skyJust a couple more tracks from the Seasons album to feature here. And hopefully by the time this series finishes, I will be able to start working on the next album!

While Autumn Sky might be one of the more heavier short tracks on offer, it still holds a catchy chorus. The lyric wonders about how we as a race so often fall for obvious bad guys. What is it in them that makes us dumb, deaf and blind? In short, always make up your own mind and do not take everything you hear and see for granted. Dare to be critical!

The driving riff that is the base of the track wanted company from a hammond organ, so it is there. And some synths colour the song some more. Another nice touch I think, is slipping in a beat box. Really changes the mood and with such an energetic track, I felt that would be a welcome addition. There is a short solo in which I tried to go for tension more than for speed or melody. Hope you like it!

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