Seasons – Song by Song: 8/12

forest field - a silent cryOn with the series, so time to write a few words about song 8 on the Seasons album: A Silent Cry. And even when it is hard for me to chose favourites, it is safe to say this is one of them.

There are a number of reasons for me to really like this song. First the lyric. Being ever the optimist, lines like “life and how to survive it”, or “for your dreams to come true” and many others, are examples of my attitude. No matter what life throws at you, make the best of it and move on. “When the walls crumble down, build a safer home”.
I also really like the vocals Phil did. So much that I used part of them to open the song with. Seemed right! Phil is of course known for his chorusses and his harmony vocals and here pulls another great one.
And finally the music. Clearly rooted in prog territory, the song moves around through quite some different phases and also holds a solo I am quite happy with. And still it is melodic and has hooks in abundance. Or it that just me? 😉


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