Seasons – Song By Song: 7/12

forest field - circlesApologies for being silent for so long. Yet I guess many of us are aware of the many challenges this year is bringing us… Anyway, on with the track stories!

Circles is one of the instrumentals and of course the name refers to the seasons that keep going round and round. Originally the demo was all guitar and little to no keyboards. But while working on the album version, I felt it would make more sense to change the second part of the track to synths. To me that expresses the changing seasons a bit more.
With the chords I experimented a bit with less obvious voicings, moving a little bit into more jazz territory. The groove on this one is important for the flow of the track. In a way, I guess it is a bit like our planet itself. No matter what is happening, the earth will rotate and the seasons will change…


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