Seasons – Song by Song: 6/12

Forest-Field-6-EyewitnessTime is long overdue to continue with the Song by Song series! And today it is time for Eyewitness, track 6 of the Seasons album.

Don’t know about you, but I like a bit of storytelling. And this track is an example. Not really a whodunnit, as that should be clear I think, but anyway. Musically we go through several time changes here. From 4 x 4, tot 5 x 4 and even a bit of 7 x 4. But I get a bit ahead of myself.
The song opens with a couple of drum fills before the guitar takes over with a riff that might be inspired a bit by a well known AC/DC track. The verses are built mainly on synths where as the chorus sees the hammond support the rhythm guitars. Before the middle section with its heavy use of synths is a 7/4 riff that returns at the song’s closing. As usual I tried to make it a catchy chorus and Phil shines once more with all the harmonies. Because of all the instrumental parts in between, there is only a short solo over the closing chorus. Did not feel like there should have been more.

Even when there are several distinct parts used in the song, overall they tell the story the way I envisioned it. Give it a few spins and you will know…

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