Seasons – Song by Song: 3/12

Forest Field - Spring Is ComingThe third track on Seasons, Spring Is Coming, is the first of the 3 instrumental tracks that are on the album.

I had written and recorded a first version of this track. But after giving it some thought I felt it was too dark to fit the title. I wanted something a bit more uplifting and energetic. After all, Spring is the time where nature starts to rebuild itself. So hence this second attempt.

It starts with a sequencer (which is running throughout the whole song) before the chord progression is introduced with drums, bass and keyboards. Mainly organ and synths. The power chords on the guitar kick in at what I see as the “chorus”. Next the solo guitar comes into play and makes the song its own, playing over all the parts. After the closing riff, the sequencer is once again coming to the fore to take the music to the finish.
For me, this song hits the mark regarding the energy and positive vibes I was after.

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