Seasons – Song by Song: 2/12

Forest Field - Change The WorldThe second song on the Seasons album will be Change The World. Of course, the song of which the single edit preceded the album! And it made quite the impact, entering the Limburg Rocks Top 10 on the #1 position, followed by a #2 in the current month.

The basic idea for this song is again quite old. And if you look at the lyric, that is actually a bit of a sad thing, since we can wonder if in the meantime we made progress as a race… You be the judge of that. But it is important to stay hopeful and to keep trying to make this a better place. That is also the link to the albums theme. Change is inevitable, even when many things come and go. But there really is no way to turn back the clock (unlike some politicians would like to make you believe). In fact, the only time machine I know of is music. The songs you grow up with tend to stick with you. And no matter how old you get, hearing one of those songs is a surefire way to bring back memories.

Anyway, to the music. The track opens with the question if you think we can change. Phil preferred to have me say that by the way, but I used a astronaut typed effect on it. Then the opening riff kicks the track into gear with lots of unison energy, after which Phil takes over with the first verse. The chorus on this track is another catchy one, I also really like how the synths weave a bit of extra magic in it. After another verse and chorus we get to an extended synth solo. Originally this was not the case. But the guitar parts I wrote, strangely reminded of a rather famous song from way back, so this seemed the better way to progress. In the single edit this solo has been cut a lot shorter by the way. Then a peaceful middle section follows which expresses the hope that one day we will unite and stop the wars. Than it is back to the unison opening riff, this time with more adventurous drumming and the chorus. The song ends with a long fade, over which the guitar plays a solo.  In the single edit the riff is not repeated and the fade is also cut short.

You can find a free download of the single edit on soundcloud. And the full version of the song will function as the pre-order track on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Last but not least, here the YouTube Lyric video:

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