Seasons – Song By Song: 1/12

Forest Field - Delta HoursIn the coming weeks I (Peter) will try to write some additional info on all the tracks on the new album: Seasons – Song By Song:
1 Delta Hours
In essence this is quite an old idea. It is about some endeavours with a band and the manager (Goldie) they had, while recording in a far away studio in Germany. And yes, I have first hand experience…
Some fun, a couple of time signature changes, and a lengthy solo in the middle, inspired by Marillion at the time I seem to remember. It is also upbeat with a signature chorus. So hopefully it succeeds in pulling the listener into the album.
Does it have a straight relation with the theme of the album? Not really. Except maybe that problems with managers is a thing of all ages… At the time of writing the base of the lyric they where not yet surfacing though.
Music wise I changed a couple of things when compared to the original demo I did back then. This version is a bit longer, I added flute to the arrangement and of course completely redid all the instruments and sounds. As usual Phil’s vocals were the icing on the cake! He did ask me to do the voices leading to the solo section though… I used sound effects on my voice to create a bigger impact đŸ˜‰

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