Review Sea Of Tranquility

Writer Steven Reid from USA based website Sea Of Tranquility has written a great review of our latest release!

Some quotes:

…the prospect of hearing singer Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik, D’Ercole, etc) bring his voice to another genre was an interesting one. Known for belting out huge verses and sing along choruses, Vincent does a great job of reining that side of his voice in and laying down some poignant and heartfelt, if still powerful, vocals…

…It’s a fine blend and while some may find everything just a little too sedate, the quality of the compositions does quite clearly shine through…

…Special mention goes to “Hope” though, where Straw’s Native American flute contribution adds an ethereal quality to the dark keyboard work and uplifting piano. It’s as though Vangelis found a Native American heritage…

…As mentioned before, what Forest Field conjure is gentle fare, likely to be too polite for those looking for the merest hint of aggression or angst in their music. However for those prepared to be lulled and cajoled, there are treats aplenty to be found as you look Onwards And Upwards


Thank you Steven! Read the full article here

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