Review Progwereld, 2013

The Dutch website Progwereld had this to say

  •  A lot of talent is present in The Netherlands. Even in our little corner of the music world we are regularly pampered with talented bands and artists who have found just that new angle and claim their own niche. So it is logical we are always  interested in Dutch initiatives that find their way to our mailbox.
  • But of course not every band from our soil is the new Dream Theater, Marillion or Steven Wilson. And alas Pioneers Of The Future from Forest Field is not a great record. Forest Field is initiated by guitar player Peter Cox from hard rock band Chinawhite who wanted to record his prog rock influenced songs. He does almost everything by himself, vocals, keyboards, drums and of course guitar and bass. On some songs he got help from friends and acquaintances, especially for vocals.
  • It is never fun to say, but it all turns out pretty bad. Compositions are mediocre, playing is poor (except for Cox playing guitar). I have said it before, not everybody can handle every instrument well, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Being a musician you probably always know someone who can help you out. And Cox does that to certain extent, but there also his choices do not always prove adequate. Aukje Peeters , who sings on Phoenix For The Sunrise and Places Never Seen, sings off key, and her pronunciation of English is abominable! Joris Peeters (brother? partner?) performs a bit better, but does not have a voice to be proud of.
  • So no highlights then? Well, with a bit of good intent we could say Imaginary Queens is one. Vocals are handled by the unknown American Phil Vincent, who sings nice, but has no track record. He also sings on Set Me Free and Time, and those are the best songs on offer. Honestly I think Peter Cox should stick to playing guitar and search for some good fellow musicians, a good songwriter / arranger and a good producer.

Marcel Debets

 So… a guy who has about 30 releases to his name has no track record? Really? Makes you wonder about the other “facts” presented…

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