review IO Pages, september 2013

In the Dutch magazine IO Pages, editor Freek Wolff had this to say:

Peter Cox, guitarplayer in rockband Chinawhite lives in the forest field and thus found the name for this project in where he is at the base of songwriting. He also takes care of all keyboards, takes a seat behind the drum kit and of course plays guitar. For the bass parts he hired Sander Stappers, while the mediocre vocals are from Phil Vincent, Aukje Peeters (weak in Phoenix For The sunrise), Joris Peeters and Sue Straw.
The music consists of 4 ambient synth tracks, a classical tinged acoustic guitar tune, some poprock songs, among which a very American sounding ballad, 2 instrumental tracks with clichéd guitar solos and to conclude the song Time, the only track that can really excite. That song also has a symphonic basis, which furthermore is hardly found.
Pioneers Of The Future explores the theme of Time. It consists of music you should perform together in a basement, but which you should not release to the public. It is just not good enough…

 Lot´s of thought about this one, but let me just invite mister Wolff to my field in the forest and have a chat in the basement…

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