Review in metal magazine Aardschok

Aardschok - Forest Field

Dutch metal magazine Aardschok published a little review on the album in their december 2013 edition.

 Writer Liselotte Hegt says:

 Forest Field is the new project from Chinawhite guitar player Peter Cox. On Pioneers Of The Future he presents himself as composer, keyboard player, guitarist, drummer and singer, but he also invited several guests. American singer Phil Vincent, present on 3 tracks, is a strong asset, but I am not really enthusiastic about the vocal performances of Aukje Peeters and Joris Peeters. Cox isn´t a real strong singer either. His guitar playing is a lot better though. Alas he is not a virtuoso on drums and keyboards. Musical style is obviously (melodic) progressive rock, but the productions sounds a bit like an overzealous home recording.

Central theme on the album is Time, and all days of the week are used. A nice find that provided Forest Field with heads and tales and delivers some funny song titles. The songs itself need more strength to lift all the weight.


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