Press release 2012-03

NEWS for immediate release;

Chinawhite guitar player Peter Cox starts a new project: Forest Field.

The ambition of Forest Field is to create an aurally caressing combination of ambient / new age and progressive rock.

Expect vintage sounds like piano, mellotron or Hammond, combined with sequencing, guitars, solos, melodies, etc.

At the moment the recording of first album Pioneers Of The Future is commencing nicely. Part instrumental and part vocal tracks.

Besides Peter on guitars, keyboards and drums, there will be several guests:

·         Chinawhite band mate Sander Stappers on bass,

·         First guest vocalist to be revealed is Aukje Peeters

·         An American singer and multi instrumentalist with an extensive back catalogue will sing a couple of tracks. His name will be revealed soon…

 On the website ( more info, and besides that already several video clips, teasers, fun stuff and a free bonus track are available.

But that is not all. At the moment we are looking into finding more guests vocalists, male or female.

If you live somewhere near the middle of  Limburg (Netherlands) or are able to record (at home), and are willing to participate, please contact us for more info.

Cheers, Peter


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