Next round of Seasons reviews

forest field - seasonsyes, I know, running way behind with updating the site! But here are more Seasons reviews for you to enjoy:

  • First one is from DPRP: “the music is actually quite enjoyable and definitely worth checking out if you like smooth melodic AOR with an occasional heavy touch”
  • Another one from my home country is from Background Magazine: “a step forward for me, more power and not afraid of an experiment”
  • now French webzine MusicWaves: “The diversity of writing hits the mark on this album, relatively well balanced in terms of influences”
  • Strutter then: Phil Vincent and co. return with a new album, this time it’s the 5th album of Forest Field, in which the main musician is Peter Cox from The Netherlands. Phil sings as always the vocals and no change in his way of singing, so insiders know what to expect from this melodic rockalbum. The keyboards are upfront and making it sound modern, while the songs itself are a mixture of midtempo and uptempo tunes, with as highlights Change the world (midtempo), Eyewitness (uptempo), Autumn sky (uptempo) and the instrumental Circles. Fans of Phil Vincent’s music will definitely like this new one as well!

The last ones are FOREST FIELD – SEASONS review in Highlands Mag 99 en the Japanese BURRN magazine:

burrn forest field review

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