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The Italian blog Crampi2 published a review of the Pioneers Of The Future Album. Some excerpts using Google translate:

“Forest Field is the new project of multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox, with the attempt to combine instrumental textures derived from ambient / new age with progressive territories.”

“Definition intriguing and fascinating, while not offering the idea of ​​a highly original formula, except that … except that, listening to “Pioneers of the Future” appears to offer something else … Or rather, if you hear talk of ambient and new age can you imagine evanescent sound architectures, play maybe on expansions, well, this is definitely not the case.”

“As for the prog, of course, some suggestion occasionally peeps, but do not expect the endless solos, or the bold sound structures typical of the genre, but typically it ‘progressive’, instead the ‘ideal’ of the album: a ‘concept’ dedicated to time (each of the titles of the seven interludes refers to a day of the week) and with regard to the ambient and new age, it seems to glimpse something in the instrumental interludes, but it is more a question of distant echoes.”

“Despite Forest Field seem to offer something different from what was initially promised, “Pioneers of the future” is still an appreciable work, characterized by a positive dynamism, excellent instrumental component and an effective vocal interpretation, the most convincing is that of Aukje Peeters.

A successful emotional interplay, for a record that you can listen with pleasure.”

Read it in full here.

Thank you Marcello!


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