New album Mystery & Mayhem is coming

front coverThe last couple of years have proven to be a challenge for many people, and this proved also true for Forest Field. But step by step the recordings for new album Mystery and Mayhem were completed and finally finished, resulting in the most modern sounding Forest Field album to date.

It seems this sixth full length album is the first that does not have a (lyrical) theme running through it. Instead it is focusing on delivering the most diverse and in parts most progressive music yet. Still, the key features, melody and musicianship, shine as always. We not only get the epic 14+ minute Human Jigsaw, with a stunning middle section that will give you goosebumps, but also longer tracks like Close Your Eyes and Calling Me. You can rock to tracks like This Girl Like Rain or the powerful The Light. And chill a bit during Slipping Away.

In short, this is as diverse as they come and shows a band that withstood the storms to deliver their most elaborate album to date. Enjoy!

Release is June 19-2024, order now on Rock Company or Bandcamp.

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