Core Members:

Forest Field - Peter Cox

Origin of the project is Peter Cox, in normal day life a whole lot of things, but many will know him as the guitar player in Dutch hard rocking outfit Chinawhite.

In Forest Field he also plays bass, keyboards (he loves mellotron, piano and organ) and the big dude is also responsible for the drums!

And just maybe he will get to sing too. That is, if we let him 

phil - forest field Next (and we are very proud he got involved) is the powerhouse that is Phil Vincent. Singer, prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the USA!

Peter and Phil got in touch a few years back and wanted to work together sometime. Well, after he did an amazing job on 3 tracks on Pioneers Of The Future, both decided to continue working in this project.

You can check out Phil´s solo work and all the bands he is involved with at


Forest Field - Sander  On the more complex bass parts on Pioneers Of The Future we have another Chinawhite member, Sander Stappers. Being the good friend that he is, Sander stepped up when Peter needed someone to play those thick strings. He does not mind, he loves to play and record. And we are pretty sure he will also provide valuable advice.
Besides Chinawhite he is also involved in various others bands and projects. Guess he too likes to keep busy!
 Forest Field - Aukje The first guest on Pioneers Of The Future is: Aukje Peeters! Aukje and Peter go a long way back and have shared the stage on many occasions. Aukje has a way of moving the crowd with her performance. Her normal day style is quite different (for soundbytes follow this link), but Aukje is not afraid to experiment and comitted herself to sing on a couple of songs on the album.
Joris Peeters - Forest Field
Next guest on Pioneers Of The Future is Joris Peeters. You might know him from the band Wigg  ( As a lead singer/bassplayer and guitarist (not all at once) in the band he is enjoying music in every way since he could held a guitar. He defied highschool side by side  with  his favourite band Metallica, which created his huge passion for Rock, HardRock, Metal (preferably the 80’s).
Oh,and if the name sounds familiar, yes he is the son of Aukje. So we´re guessing music kinda runs in the family…
Sue - Forest Field Please welcome another international artist: Sue Straw is a singer/songwriter/performer from Oklahoma, USA. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a Master’s Degree in Communication. A semi-retired educator, she primarily writes children’s music and inspirational music and is a much sought-after vocalist, performer, arranger, and collaborator that we are happy to welcome on board!. Reach her at Sue sings on Pioneers Of The Future and adds Native American Flute to the track Hope from Onwards And Upwards.













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