First review!

Totally out of the blue we received a message about a review for the Pioneers Of The Future album. So cool! With the aid of Google translate writer José Luis says:


“Actually Forest Field is the solo project of Peter Cox, one Dutch multi-instrumentalist, who has surrounded himself with some good vocals for performers to shape his debut work, a job mix equal parts music and progressive rock to shape a relaxed and friendly working, not without decisive instrumental interventions.

In a kind of key rock opera with a conceptual background music here shelled village, offers music, covering a wide range of possibilities: both vocal aspect, carefully crafted, and in the instrumental, immaculately executed and a pretty nice result.
Sinuous deep electric guitars and keyboards environments to make this recording a good buy in any of the formats that the group offers. We are not in an album involving a musical revolution, but with a delicate and refined, which will appeal to all those fans of progressive central European nineties. This is an album the more I listen, the more you are attracted to.”
Read it in full here. Thank you José Luis!

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