Fan review!

a music fan just wrote this on his Facebook timeline (He wrote in Portuguese, so with help from Google comes this translation):
Forest Field – Lonely Desert
Launched in 2016, but only now I had the pleasure of getting to know the songs of this duo consisting of Peter Cox (all instruments) and Phil Vincent (vocals). What makes me happy about such work is to see that music has salvation when artists devoted to the 1st art construct a work worthy of appreciation and praise. Forest Field is able to mix styles such as Progressive, Aor, Melodic Rock and Ambient Music with a very innovative sound. The progressive atmosphere is more influential in songs, which makes each song unique and captivating. Lonely Desert is a conceptual album based on Dune by Frank Herbert, and in my opinion conceptual albums when well crafted are a caress for the ears and a stimulant for the brain. All the songs are fascinating, although Fear with its more than 15 minutes with its various passages, changes and solos was love at first sight. It is worth having this work in physical format.
Thank you so much Jorge!

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