Excellent write up for Onwards And Upwards

Steve from One World Music UK has written an extensive review of our new album. And it is awesome! So nice when people get what you are aiming for. Here are some excerpts:


“I had been looking forward to listening to this album ever since I saw the amazing art work for the album cover just a few days ago”.
“The opening track is simply called Onwards and is a purposeful solo piano piece that paints a picture of inner strength and determination. This short but poignant composition paves the way for the more elaborate offering called The Secret Flame, starting with an Organ and swiftly moving into strings and guitars this track is a pleasure to listen to, the vocals are supplied by Phil Vincent from the states. The guitar in this track is driven beautifully by Chinawhites Peter Cox and is one heck of a superb rock song. Now I love different things in life and in music it makes things even more interesting. Here Forest Field have really brought something completely new to the table, let’s just lay this at your feet dear reader, how about Electronic, Native American, Progressive, New Age? In the track called Hope you pretty much have that. This is a carefully composed track with a steady tempo with some excellent flute playing by Sue Shaw to bring into birth, a quite remarkable piece of music.”

“Now for the longest piece on the album called Stronger. I had to stop at this point and listen to the song twice; the lyrics here are amazing and totally relevant for me, especially this passage.

“You got to be a leader, where no boundaries exist, the future is wide open, for whatever tomorrow may bring, It´s not when you fall down, But when you try to get up again, be strong, and get stronger, Gotta hold on till the end.”

The arrangement is so professional this should be a single, it is powerful enough and the chorus alone is so well written it deserves huge respect, and lots of airplay. Musically this is outstanding especially the bass line and percussion which really synced so well with what the track offered.”

“I must say it does take something special these days to thrill and excite me, on a musical level I hasten to add! I have listened to thousands of albums and millions of tracks in my times, but Peter Cox and Project Forest Field have given to the world a truly magnificent release. Onwards and Upwards was not only a pleasure to listen to and review, but it was an honour to hear such a professional and utterly amazing performances on one album track after track, this is definitely going to feature on our many shows here at One World Music and please take me seriously fans of Prog Rock of New Age music, you really have to make sure you get a copy of Onwards and Upwards, albums of this quality are VERY hard to find.”


Thank you so much Steve! Read it on the OWM website or in full here.


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