Dangerdog review

dangerdoghere another review! Craig from Dangerdog seems to have been looking a lot at the cover, but did not read the liner notes; don’t take it all too seriously 🙂 http://www.dangerdog.com/2015-music-reviews/forest-field-angels.php#.VeYOmJe6SOw. Still 3/5 is not bad.

Some Quotes:

* Yet in the songs with vocals, Cox gets adequate freedom of expression for his guitar and syths. And Cox is pretty fine guitar player with a smooth and fluid style in the classic rock guitar tradition.

* Wrapped up, the songs blur lines between progressive and melodic rock, likely more so to the latter. The title track and The Zoo definitely qualify as straight rock songs. Maybe Broken Wings and In Excelsis, both instrumentals, leaning towards prog.

* Mostly, I liked Cox’s guitar work, especially his leads.


Thank you Craig!

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