forest field - pioneers of the futureWell, maybe you are confused after reading the reviews represented below? Just goes to show that the music of Forest Field invokes a reaction…. I do not expect everybody to like this music, but to pay attention would be nice… Yeah it takes time to digest music, that is the beauty of it!
In my humble opinion there is a difference between taste and quality. And it is a pity that reviewers do nothing with the information provided. I think it is a bit silly what some people write. Not knowing someone can sometimes say more about yourself, then about the parties involved. Never hurts to check your facts though!

So please make up your own mind and take an unbiased listen to the songs. Here on the site, on bandcamp or at your favourite digital retailer. A lot of people really like this and it sure is an album I am very proud of. And be warned (or rest assured) I am not offended and will continu. In fact, work on the next album is progressing nicely.

Feel free to comment, I love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers, Peter

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