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Uke Jackson cover and contest

Independent writer and musician Uke Jackson challenged the world to record their own version of his song The Place, as featured in his new book The Moon Of Innocence.

So I just couldn´t resist participating… Bringing a world premiere, as it is the first time a lead vocal by Peter has been brought in the open. Please be gentle…
Visit to learn more about the competition.



Bonus track available

In between sessions there was time to record this little piece of music, written a while back.
Recorded live, so a bit raw, but enjoy it!
To download it for free, join us on ReverbNation.


With all the work going on in the Down The Road studio, it is about time to post a new teaser. Current work in progress is a track called Phoenix For The Sunrise. It is far from finished, but you will get some idea of where this is going. Eventually this will be a track with vocals (part anyways)!

Take a look and listen:

What is Forest Field?

 Okay, so you are curious what Forest Field is about? Well, let us tell you a few things:

  • Forest Field is not a band
  • Forest Field is a project
  • Forest Field is lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox
  • Expect some guests announcements soon…
  • The music is a combination of ambient, new age, progressive rock
  • with vintage sounds like mellotron, piano and organ
  • but also electric and acoustic guitars
  • and bass and drums where the song needs it

Want a taste? Then enjoy this first clip of the track “2 Many Mondays”

Want to join in:


To Be Continued…