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As it turns out, the Sea Of Tranquility website has published a very nice review of the Pioneers album on their website. Writer Mark Johnson writes:

Forest Field: Pioneers of the Future

Forest Field is a Dutch music project lead by Peter Cox, of the band Chinawhite, who sings, plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and does the programming for the project. The other members include: Aukje Peeters, Joris Peeters, Sue Straw, and Phil Vincent, on vocals and Sander Stappers, on bass.

Pioneers of the Future is the project’s second release after Floating on Air, which was released on April 2013. This studio project has been built with an international cast of talent whose central theme for Pioneers of the Future is “time”. Seven instrumental tracks discuss the days of the week, and six vocal tracks that refer to stories about the effects of time using ambient, new age and progressive rock music. All the songs were written by Peter Cox, and it is primarily his instrumental work that you hear throughout the album.The album is a strong comment on the theme of time with great mellotron notes, powerful bass, solid guitar and good guest vocalists.My favorite tracks were the opener “2 Many Mondays”, “Imaginary Queens”, “Wonderful Wednesday” with its excellent guitar opening, “Set Me Free”, with its deep bass work up front, “Thursday Thunder” and it’s very good keyboard intro, Freeky Friday”, “Time”, after all it is the theme of the project and best track, who could not like a “Lazy Saturday Swim”, and of course the deep grand piano of “Serious Sunday”.Pioneers of the Future is a good introduction to the project. Check this album out for a different sound within the worlds of prog and ambient genre. You won’t be disappointed.

Track Listing:
1. 2 Many Mondays
2. Imaginary Queens
3. Tuesday I Think
4. Phoenix for the Sunrise
5. Wonderful Wednesday
6. Set Me Free
7. Thursday Thunder
8. Looking for Someone
9. Freaky Friday
10. Time
11. Lazy Saturday Swim
12. Places Never Seen
13. Serious Sunday

Added: November 17th 2013
Reviewer: Mark Johnson
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