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2 Award Nominations!!

OH MY! Our Seasons album has received no less than 2 nominations from One World Music; 1 for best album cover art and 1 for best rock album! Whoohoo! Thank you to Steve and Chrissie and best of luck to all candidates!

Next round of Seasons reviews

yes, I know, running way behind with updating the site! But here are more Seasons reviews for you to enjoy: First one is from DPRP: “the music is actually quite enjoyable and definitely worth checking out if you like smooth melodic AOR with an occasional heavy touch” Another one from my home country is from Background Magazine: “a step forward for me, more power and not afraid of an experiment” now French webzine MusicWaves: “The diversity of writing hits theContinue readingNext round of Seasons reviews

forest field - seasons

more Seasons reviews to share!

first another Dutch one; White Room Reviews writer Ralf says for instance: “The beauty of quality studio work is that one never hears only a few people were involved. Because Peter Cox has everything well organised, Seasons sounds as the result of a well rehearsed progressive rock band” next are Rock Hard Slovakia where writer Eduard gives 4/5 stars: “If you have met this project in the past and you liked their previous material, you will also like this one. “Seasons”Continue readingmore Seasons reviews to share!

More excellent words on Seasons

   From the UK come these 2 reviews. First one from Powerplay is a bit odd. I am certain there are 3 and not 4 instrumentals on the album. Still ,being tagged as a solid prog rock release isn’t half bad. The second one is from The Rocker and with awesome words like “excellent, delighted, genre fans should definitely be investigating” very much worth a read. Thanks to the writers!

More Seasons reviews!

So far we have received lots of praise for the album! Very thankful the hard work is recognized 🙂 French site ProgCritique gave it a 4/5 star review and say “On the whole ” Seasons ” always presents the concern to do well and each title offers a well structured music, with sufficient developments to mobilize the attention of the listener!” (translated from French by Google) ViriAor hands it a whopping 5/5! “Seasons repeats the band’s musical formula, although it includesContinue readingMore Seasons reviews!


Seasons – Song by Song: 6/12

Time is long overdue to continue with the Song by Song series! And today it is time for Eyewitness, track 6 of the Seasons album. Don’t know about you, but I like a bit of storytelling. And this track is an example. Not really a whodunnit, as that should be clear I think, but anyway. Musically we go through several time changes here. From 4 x 4, tot 5 x 4 and even a bit of 7 x 4. ButContinue readingSeasons – Song by Song: 6/12

forest field - seasons

Seasons is released today!

Already our new album is already receiving great reviews, with 4/5 or even 5/5 stars! Makes us so proud! And today it is officially released, whoohoo! Wanna buy / hear it? Check with: Rock Company Bandcamp Spotify iTunes CDBaby etc! #progrock #melodicrock #elaboraterock Thanks for support!!

forest field - seasons

First reviews for Seasons are in!

When releasing a new album, no matter how proud you are, there is always some anxiety involved in how it will be perceived. Well, if the first 2 reviews we got count as the example, I think it’s gonna be alright. The first one is from the wonderful wordsmith Dmitry Epstein, giving the album a whopping 4/5 star rating. You can read his thoughts here. Next someone who was offended by the artwork of Angels? but decided to give SeasonsContinue readingFirst reviews for Seasons are in!


Seasons – Song By Song: 5/12

Next in the Song By Song series is Rain In May, the fifth track on the Seasons album. It is about loss, losing a dear one. You miss them, and sometimes would give anything just to hold them once again. A subject we all have to deal with, one time or another… A large part of this song is built on a fairly simple acoustic guitar part, supported by cello. For me, the cello is a great instrument to addContinue readingSeasons – Song By Song: 5/12

forest field - into the lions den

Seasons – Song by Song: 4/12

Ah yes, Into The Lion’s Den. Track 4 on the Seasons album might be a surprise to many followers of the band…. I was tempted to say this song marks the first time a 7-string guitar features on a Forest Field track. but then I remembered Time from Pioneers Of The Future. Yet there it has a more supportive role and here it surely takes the lead with heavy riffing on the B string. But it is the first FFContinue readingSeasons – Song by Song: 4/12

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