Amazing review on Strutter!

Famed site Strutter has published an amazing review of our latest album on their site. It reads:

Forest Field ‘Angels?’ (Rock Company)

Forest Field is a Dutch project lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox. The album Angels? features Peter not only playing guitar, but also bass, keyboards, mellotron, piano, drums and organ, while for the singing part we can hear good old American singer Phil Vincent, who is also a multi-instrumentalist and a regular feature in the melodic rockscene. Phil and I go back in time to the mid 1990s when he released his first couple of albums in a period when this kind of music was completely dead. Now in 2015 melodic rock is all around and Forest Field is a great project that can easily be mentioned alongside Phil Vincent’s music, although there’s much more to explore here, because Peter also loves to go wild on the keys and then a sorta new age meets 70s symphonic rock instrumental sound is hearable. Anyway, if we have a look at the tracklisting, it starts with the instrumental Broken wings, followed by Angels (typical Phil Vincent style, good catchy 80s uptempo melodic heavy rocker like Pink Cream 69 meets Praying Mantis), Left at cloud 9 (beautiful instrumental calm piece), It looks like rain (nice semi instrumental, bluesy rock, beginning melodic rock), Angel with a dirty face (midtempo AORish, Journey meets House Of Lords, good vocals by Phil and perhaps the best song), Message for a messenger (great instrumental, a little mystic), The zoo (good Phil Vincent ish melodic rock), Lovers lane (great instrumental, guitar solo a la Neal Schon, beautiful melodies and definitely the best instrumental), Change me (very nice midtempo melodic rock, slightly proggy), In excelsis (fine instrumental, great guitarsolo towards the end, a lengthy tune) and closing track Spot on the sun (a heavier tune, most proggy tune on the album). Concluded, a good portion of melodic rock here when Phil sings, with some paths leading to light prog and new age when it all goes into the instrumental breaks. Check it out for yourself at: and

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

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